Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
"Each human being is born with a unique set of potential that yearns to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become the oak within it" – Aristotle

Our mission is to provide modern education yet retaining the traditional Indian essence.

Indian School Sohar provides an environment in which every student discovers and realizes his full potential and maintains a sharp focus on the pursuit of knowledge and skills. With vibrating energy levels and penetrating foresight we create self-awareness amongst children and help in capacity building. We are concerned about the overall health and wellbeing of learners encompassing their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions - we transform them.

The school provides an education which is developmental and integrative in character leading to the nurturing of each and every pupil into a multi-competent person, and to a multifaceted development which enables the head, heart and hands to become balanced parts of an organised whole. In the firm belief that "Good education is the high road to personal and national progress", the school aims at drawing out what is best in the child, through appropriate learning experiences and opportunities, a desire to learn, not just in the classroom, but all the time making it an on-going process through life.

It strives to foster in the student a sense of values and an appreciation of his/her own culture, tradition and heritage, as well as of what is good in other cultures.

It aims to orient each individual towards a fuller life in the world as a free and a mature adult, capable of assuming his/her responsibilities in society and motivated to contribute towards the community and the nation.

Thus the student is expected to emerge as an individual, complete in character, with confidence in self and respect for others.

Our Vision

The Indian School Sohar aims to be an institution of excellence, in academics, and in holistic development character building of the children - catering to students with varied aptitude and potential-transforming them into real achievers.