30 September 2018

Dear Parents,

SUB: Young Communitarian of Indian Schools

In order to inculcate and promote the habit of selfless volunteering among the students of Indian Schools, the BoD Indian Schools in Oman has decided to constitute an award –‘Young Communitarian of Indian Schools’ with effect from the current academic year. This award will be conferred upon those students who have exhibited social commitment and responsibility as one of their primary goals in life.

The process leading to YCIS is of three folds. The volunteer student is expected to contribute in three different components of social life. 

  1. The volunteer is expected to contribute to the development of community.
  2. The volunteer should serve the poor and the needy of the society.
  3. There should be a contribution towards preserving the environment. 

In each of these fields, the student is expected to spend 20 hrs each so as to be eligible for this award over a period of minimum 1 year and maximum 2 years. 

The details regarding YCIS are available on the school website (News & Events --> YCIS). After going through the complete directives pertaining to YCIS, students interested to be the member of YCIS are requested to fill the tear off and submit it to the Class Teacher on or before 7.10.18.



SANCHITA VERMA                                                                                        INDIRA SUKUMARAN

PRINCIPAL                                                                                                     YCIS COORDINATOR





I, ____________________________________, of Grade ___________ is interested in becoming a provisional member of YCIS through which I will put in my extra efforts to serve the community, help the needy, and to preserve the environment.  I will spend qualitative time as stipulated in the directives pertaining to YCIS in each of the above mentioned dimensions so as to be qualified for YCIS.  I am also aware that I will be carrying out these activities outside my regular school hours for which I will be personally responsible.    

Signature :

Date :


I , ______________________________________,father / mother/ guardian of Mr. / Ms./ Master

__________________________________of Grade ____________________, here by accord my consent to the initiative of my ward becoming a member of YCIS and I will provide full support to make my ward a socially responsible individual.


Signature :

Name of Father / Mother / Guardian: