‘Colour in a painting is like enthusiasm in life’ – Vincent Van Gogh

Colours are brighter when the mind is open. Colouring is an important activity to develop the pincer grip and fine motor skills of children. Colouring also helps students to develop their creativity, colour recognition and boosts their confidence to develop their love for art.

With these objectives in mind ‘Colouring Competition’ was conducted for students of classes LKG and UKG on 24-08-2023 under the guidance of respected Principal Ms. Sanchita Verma and section Supervisor Ms. Gauri Gadgeel.

The Colouring Competition was an opportunity for students of LKG and UKG to bring out their colourful imaginations. All the students participated in the competition with zeal and enthusiasm and coloured beautifully in the picture given to them.

The judges for the competition were :

1. Ms. Kashifa Anjum

2.  Ms. Tanuja Kadam

3. Ms. Shahgufta Shahin

The competition was coordinated by Ms. Anita S Gupta and Ms. Deepti Baliga.

The winners of the competition are:

Class LKG       

First position-  Biya Bibin  (LKG Daisy)

Second position - Daksha  P. V  (LKG Daisy)

Third position -Leon Joe Mathew  ( LKG Daisy) and Sayyid  Aizan Sabah  (LKG Lily)


Class UKG

First position - Aysha Ali  (UKG Lavender)

Second position - Amaal Ibnaah Nigil (UKG  Daffodil)

Third position - Umar Imran Pathan (UKG  Lavender)


Children had an enjoyable time showcasing their creativity. 


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