"Literacy is not just about reading and writing; it is the foundation upon which we build a better future for all."

"On the occasion of International Literacy Day, Indian School Sohar organized a Special Class Assembly on September 10th , 2023 to shed light on the fundamental principle that "Literacy is a universal right and the cornerstone of all knowledge." The informative assembly was meticulously planned by the Department of English.

The host for the day, Nithya Shree from Class XI C, eloquently introduced “International Literacy Day.” She unveiled this year’s theme, “Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and harmonious societies,” during her address. The assembly commenced with a thought-provoking reflection aligned with the chosen theme.

The audience was enraptured by an engaging discourse on Literacy Day and its profound significance, skilfully presented by Arnav Naroth Santhosh and Riya Shemeer Fathima from X E. However, the highlight of the assembly was the 'Monologues' segment, featuring the remarkable performances of George Immanuel and Evelyn Jacob from Class IX, who embodied the personas of Rabindranath Tagore and Anne Frank, respectively. A Poster Making exhibition followed, serving as a compelling call to action for the student community to champion the value of literacy through diverse means. The celebration culminated in an interactive quiz, illuminating the role of literacy in realizing sustainable development for all.

The students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to Principal Ms. Sanchita Verma, Vice-Principal Mr. Yashvir Singh, Head of the English Department Ms. Divya Johari, and the teacher-in-charge, Mr. Raja Peduru, for providing this unique opportunity. The assembly powerfully underscored the idea that education goes beyond merely acquiring facts; it is a catalyst for fostering critical thinking."


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