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Indian School Sohar had organized a Professional Development Programme for the teachers (VI – XII) and office staffmembers on 30th November and teachers (KG-V) on 1stDecember, 2018with Fire Walk Expert, Leadership Guru and Breakthrough Expert Mr. Suhas Talwar, CEO &Transformation Catalyst – Insight Consulting, as the resource person. 

On the first day, the Programme unfolded with the welcome address delivered by Mr. Y. Singh followed by the introduction of the speaker by Principal, Ms. SanchitaVerma. As the positivity personified Mr. SuhasTalwar took over the stage, all the participants spontaneously started bustling with energy. Mr. Talwar commenced the exciting interactive session primarily focusing on ‘Team Dynamics’. Underpinning the significance of appreciating others and its impact on team performance thereon, he drew real life analogies to brief the audience on how a consistent managerial attitude sets the stage for an entrepreneur’s attitude in a person.In addition, he articulated the strategies and competencies vital to accelerate and achieve in life by breaking one’s limiting beliefs. Speaking about Change Vs Transformation, he shed light on the difference between the two and the indispensable need to capitalize on key ingredients such as willingness, will power and strong compelling reasons that that are crucial for one’s affirmative transformation. The entire session was interspersed with activities that had clearly defined strategic objectives. Adopting novelty in each of the activity organized, Mr. Talwar ensured that every individual committed to redefine themselves in terms of ensuring accountability and ownership; enhancing team bonding and raising one’s standard and going beyond it. The day’s events concluded with a very inspiring motivational pep talk followed by an action packed activity of fire walk for overcoming fear and expounding the courage to think -‘impossible to possible’ .

Focusing on Emotional Intelligence, on the second day, Mr. Talwar explained the key concepts of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient (EQ) and their interplay in determining one’s success in life. With the aid of indigenous games and activities, he was able to establish the connect with the audience in his pursuit to enable them comprehend the importance of self-awareness, readiness, breaking out of the comfort zone and attaining emotional maturity. This apart, by means of case studies he enabled the participants to understand that one’s experiences are influenced not solely by the event but also by one’s interpretation of the event. He advocated that emotions are much with an individual’s control and reiterated that it is important to refrain from handing over the power to regulate one’s emotions to others.In order to be conditioned to be happy, he recommended re-programming oneself through verbal programming and modeling consistently over a period of 60 days. He stated that practicing it daily for 5 minutes as soon as one wakes up and 30 minutes at night before going to sleep would activate the sub-conscious mind to offer desired outcomes.Finally, by engaging participants in two innovative and thought provoking games titled ‘Win as Much as You Can’ and ‘Arm wrestling’ he deepened one’s understanding about the significance of  role clarity, pre-planning, meticulous execution,winning spirit, trust, fairness, faith and hope which are all among the pre-requisites and critical qualities for a successful life and harmonious human relationship. The Professional Development Programme concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms. Gauri Gadgeel.


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