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Vishwa Hindi Diwas is a very special day celeberated on 10th January to spread the glory and importance of the Hindi language. In the year 2006, Manmohan singh,  the then Prime Minister of  India, made the official announcement that sealed 10 th January as the International Hindi Day. He said that from that year onwards,10 th January will be seen and celeberated as Vishwa Hindi Diwas in India as well as in the Indian Embassies all over the world.


Vishwa Hindi Diwas was celeberated with a lot of enthusiasm on Thursday the 10th January 2019 at Indian School Sohar. A special assembly for classes VI to VIII marked the ocassion with students and teachers enthusiastically participating in it.The assembly started with a prayer song, followed by the thought and speech of the Hindi teacher Dr.Sunita Jha, highlighting the significance of the day. Mrs.Ruchi Agarwal and Dr. Paramjeet Oberoi wrote poems highlighting the significance of the language which they recited with passion and pride.

The Principal, the Vice-Principal, the Superviser, the Head of the Hindi Department and  the teachers sang a melodious hindi song  bringing out the feelings of love and reverence for the Hindi language. In her inspiring speech, Principal Mrs.Sanchita Verma advised the students to give respect to all languages as they uphold the culture and values of different places and people. The day’s celeberation enabled to provide inspiration for the students to respect and love the language and enthused them to research more about the language and use it effectively in communication both verbal and written.


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