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“The art challenges the technology, and the technology inspires the art.” – John Lasseter

Technology is becoming necessary in all aspects of our lives. It helps to speed up the learning process for students. Drawing programmes, such as Microsoft Paint, can help students improve eye-hand coordination and build on their literacy skills. While making lessons fun and interesting it is a good means of enhancing the multiple intelligences.

Keeping this in mind MS Paint competition was organized for classes I and II at Indian School Sohar. Selection round was done in all the sections of classes I and II. The topic for selection was ‘Sunset scene’. Three students were selected from each section.

Final competition was on 24/2/19 and the topic was ‘I love India’ or ‘I love Oman’. Students presented wonderful drawings with colorful interpretation of the topic. It was a remarkable show of talent. Judges were highly impressed with the drawings of the students.

The judges of the competition were:

Class I – Ms. Gauri Gadgeel, Ms. Deepa Chandran, Mr. Sony C.

Class II – Ms. Meenakshi Satapathy, Mr. Sudarshan Gupta, Mr. Hitendra Kaushik


The winners of the competition are:

Class I

First position – Kush Patel (1 I)

Second position – Aadhya Narayana Gowda (1 A)

Third position – Alston Eben DSouza (1H)

Class II

First Position – Divya Sharayu (II B)

Second position – Abhiram Bijith (II C)

Third position – Abdur Rahmaan T (II H)


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