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Quick Brain Contest was conducted in Indian School Sohar for Classes III to V on 14th February 2019. It was conducted with an intention to enhance the interest, strategic competence, memory power and computational fluency of children in mathematics. The activity in-charge was Ms. Rakhi Manoj.

It was conducted in two rounds. The preliminary round was on 21st January 2019. The preliminary round included a written test. Around ten to fifteen students qualified for the final level of competition from each class. The final level was conducted on 14th February 2019 in four rounds, namely identifying mathematicians, memory game, brain teasers and solving puzzles. The main target of the students was to answer within the time limit.

Our winners:

Class III:

First Position was shared by Inspreet Singh of III A & Dave Malhar Priyesh Kumar of III I, Second Position was bagged by Fathima Ezzah of III H, and Third position was shared by Maria Shaikh of III H & Ehan Faijas of III F.

Class IV:

First Position was bagged by K Prithika of IV I, Second position was shared by Rachit Amit Pandya and Ankan Dutta of IV C and Third position was shared by Catherin Treesa G of IV B & S Arunachalam of IV A.

Class V:

First Position was bagged by Arnav Naroth Santhosh of V C, Second position was secured by Nived Anoop Nair of V B and Third position was bagged by Abhinav Singh of V H.

The competition served the purpose of enhancement of interest in mathematics, boost their memory as well as concentration and to continue their study of mathematics at ease in future.


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