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“Look deep into the nature, and then you will understand everything better” Albert Einstein.

A special assembly was conducted to mark World Earth Day, at ISS on 22nd April, 2019. The whole programme was focussed on various aims of the World Earth Day. The thought of the day motivated the students as well as the teachers. Raahim delivered a speech on the World Earth Day propagating the message “Save the Environment.” Quiz based on the World Earth Day enhanced their knowledge about the different needs and aims of celebrating the day. The choir group sang a very meaningful and melodious song on the theme of the day which enchanted the students. It was then followed by an enthralling dance performance and a skit. The Principal, Ms. Sanchita Verma addressed the gathering and reminded the students that they should care and save the environment. The inspiration that the students gained would surely enthuse them to conserve the planet Earth.


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