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“If you are curious, you'll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them.”

                                                                                                          Erno Rubik

A Sudoku puzzle is defined as a logic based, number placement puzzle. It is one of the most popular numbers game that we can play every day. To improve the memory and stimulate the minds of young learners, a Sudoku competition was conducted in Indian School Sohar for the classes III to V on 06th May 2019. The duration for the competition was 30 minutes. The competition was conducted in three rounds. The preliminary round was conducted on 22nd April and the second round was conducted on 29th April 2019.  The children participated in the competition with great enthusiasm and zeal. They enjoyed a lot while solving the puzzles. A total of 60, 32 & 48 students from classes III, IV, & V respectively, participated in the second round. The selected participants appeared in the final round which was conducted on 6th May 2019. Approximately 11, 8 & 12 students from classes III, IV & V participated in final round.  The competition served a refreshing and enjoyable experience to the participants. Ms. Padma and Ms. Alice were the teacher in charges for the competition.

  The winners are:

Class III

M.A.Adithya (III C)

Lakshana. K (III F)

Niranjana E.B. (III I)

Class IV

Malhar Dave (IV I)

Class V

Zara Zabil (V A)

Tejus.S  (V B)

Abhiman  Dewangan (V C)

Bhavya  Jignesh  Kumar (V E)  

Mohammad  Wajid Ali (V E)


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