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Writing is an important part of life, whether at school, college or at workplace. It encourages and enhances critical and creative thinking, helps in organizing thoughts and thus improve communication skills. It is important therefore, that every student develops the art of writing.  “When you write an essay – you learn to express yourself in a more logical way, and also you develop your vocabulary and your own writing style. It is a true celebration of creativity”. To provide ample opportunity to develop this art, Indian School Sohar organized an Essay Writing Competition for students of Std IX to XII not only to encourage the students but also to recognize and award the budding essayists of the school.

The competition was held on 23rd May. The occasion had an overwhelming participation of more than 200 students.  They were asked to write on a wide range of topics. Students expressed great enthusiasm at the suggested topics.  When Std. IX students wrote about The Value of a Family Vacation, The Humour of Cartoons and Self-confidence Assures Success, Std. X students had Gender Equality is the Need of the Time, Technology Is Making Our Attention Span Shorter and Appearances Can Betray as their topics. The topics for Std. XI were On Being Misunderstood, Social Media: A Bane and Fake news can be Destructive. Students of Std. XII wrote on Procrastination Hampers Progress, Internet: Effect on our intelligence and One Day at a Time: The Magic of Success. The essays were judged on the basis of content, originality, format, style and expression. In order to help the students feel more confident for the competition, teachers provided adequate guidance. They were   assessed and graded on pre-defined parameters and the weightage in terms of points was also given along with the parameters to help students understand how the assessment framework is designed. Within each parameter, the key attributes that best describe what the parameter means was also given.

The judging panels were impressed by the caliber of writing they were presented with. This year’s competition produced a fantastic range of good quality essays that were truly a pleasure to read. The overall composition, essay structure that included general paragraphing skills and evidence of coherence within paragraphs were all noteworthy. The good entries set the scene in a gripping opening and the conclusion was rounded with a thoughtful call. There were many fine examples where pupils crafted a dramatic impact and used varied sentences to develop ideas. In general essays reflected a good use of crafted language with excellent range of descriptors and mastery of sentence structures. The winners are as follows:


First Position      :               Aadiya Dilna Anish (IX B)

Second Position :               Krithya Vijayanand (IX A)

Third Position    :               Rohan Suchithran (IX B)



First Position      :               Pranjal Gupta (X C)

Second Position :               Jeet Verma (X A)

Third Position    :               Snehal Nair (X B)



First Position      :               Saumya Tiwari (XI A)

Second Position :               Swithin Gladson Gomes (XI B)

Third Position    :               Pramite Premkumar (XI C)



First Position      :               Devanshi Patodia (XII C)

Second Position :               Safa Rasheed (XII B)

Third Position    :               Sree Mukund Vegi (XII A) and Ayush Shrinivas Sohani (XII A)


The event was a great success. It effectively achieved its objective of engaging school students in creative writing and enhancing the communication skills. Principal Mrs. Sanchita Verma along with Vice- Principal Dr. Vinukumar and HOD English, Mrs. Divya Johari provided the students and the faculty with necessary guidance and constant support.  The Principal congratulated the winners and all participants as well, for they too enhanced their ability in writing and brought forth worthy essays!


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