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Indian School Sohar team participated in the model U N assembly organized by Indian School Al  Wadi Al Kabir Muscut on October 24th  2019 to mark the 73rd United Nations Day . Student-delegates from eight Indian Schools- Muladha, Sur, Sohar, Muscat, Jalan, Nizwa, Mabela, Al Seeb, and the host school ISWK participated in the competition to speak on MILLENNIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS, 2030 (Sustainable Development). Mr. Samir Yumkhaibam, Second Secretary and Education Officer, Embassy of India, Muscat, was the Chief Guest. Five student delegates from every participating school represented each UN member state to voice their views on the relevant goals which that particular member state espoused toward achieving sustainable development.

Every speaker was allowed three minutes to make suggestions towards how the nation they symbolized, could help achieve UN Millennium Development Goals. Our team showed excellent skills and performed well. All the five participants (Dimpi - XI C, Pramiti - XI C, Yagnik - XI B, Pranjal - X C, Saniya – IX E) received participation certificates and a memento was given to each participating school.


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