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Colouring is a simple activity that helps children to develop creativity, fine motor skills and better hand writing. It also helps children to improve their concentration and eye-hand co-ordination.

Self-expression is the key in today’s world and colouring is a vehicle for self-expression, as children make their colour decisions and bring life to the colouring sheet.

We at Indian School Sohar keep this in mind and want to give our budding generation an opportunity to express themselves and create a fun environment where learning and development co-exists. 

A colouring competition was organized for children of LKG & UKG on 18 -09-19 where a colouring worksheet was given to children of LKG & UKG separately. Children enjoyed this activity as they were free to express their choice of colours and creativity. Mrs. Anusha Omar was the teacher –in charge for this competition.

The Judges for the competition were Ms. Tushita, Ms. M.Selvi  & Ms. Komalam S.  The winners of the competition are:


  • First Position – Agna Sinu -LKG Lily
  • Second Position – Zara Tabish Sardar – LKG Daisy
  • Third Position – Kavyashree Balakrishnan - LKG Rose & Anbu Chelvan Rajesh Kumar – LKG Lily


  • First Position - Nishidha Alaguraja- UKG Daffodil
  • Second Position – Taqdees Saud Waghoo – UKG Jasmine
  • Third Position – Francis K. Lijo – UKG Daffodil


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