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Show and Tell is the practice of showing something to an audience and telling them about it. This expression originated in the 1940s to describe a learning exercise for young children. Show and tell helps children to build confidence and strengthen their language and communication skills.

Keeping this in mind, Indian School Sohar organized Show and Tell competition for classes I and II on 6-11-2019 and 7-11-2019 respectively. Selection round was held in all the sections of classes I and II and three students from each section were selected for the final competition.

The students participated with great enthusiasm and zeal and delivered an extra ordinary presentation of ideas and thoughts. The students chose a variety of topics like Nature, Our National symbols, Chandrayaan II, healthy habits, traffic signal etc. for their presentation along with beautiful props and shared their feelings and knowledge with everyone which provided fun and comfortable learning arena for them.

The teachers in charge of the competition were Ms. Renjini M for class I and Ms. Gowri Subramanian for class II.

The judges were Ms. Santy Manesh, Ms. Shaily Khare, Ms. Gayatri Prabha Karan and Ms. Bindu J.

The winners of the competition are:

Class I

First position :  Mohammed Arhaanuddin   ( I F )

Second position :  Inaya Girdhar   ( I B )

Third position :  Apoorva Aravind   ( I H )

Class II

First position :  Vidit Girdhar   ( II F )

Second position :  Diya Remya K. Nair   ( II G )

Third position : Shivani Sunil and Harshil  Harisha Shetty   ( II C )


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