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11 Dec 2019 & 27 Dec 2019

Before you leave, take a minute to clean.   

The sun was out, skies were a clear blue, the usually murky waters of the Sallan beach and magnificent Sohar Sports stadium reflected brightness that enveloped the communitarians of Indian School Sohar who had gathered bringing in more colors on these two days. It was a cleaning drive and the atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm, oneness and determination associated with cleaning litter.

Our club believes in action at ground level and this drive was the most gratifying one. We spent time clearing up plastic and other non-degradable litter from beach and stadium. The teachers incharge were chaperoning the communitarians and guided them in collecting and disposing the trash properly. The happiest moment was when we saw the huge pile of plastic trash we had pulled out. “If every human stops polluting, and if more people come forward to help, the problem of plastic pollution will eventually go”- the simple mantra echoed with many. This drive attracted many others to join and bring the cause into focus. Our communitarians won loads of appreciation from the Omani people who were present at the beach.  It was an amazing effort and is incredibly motivating to see how much our young communitarians care for their environment.


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