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Tribute to Our great leader Sultan Qaboos


We are deeply saddened at the passing away of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.

He was truly an exceptional ruler and leader who exercised considerable concern, love and care for the welfare and well being of his people, implemented his vision for progress to modernize this beautiful country and ensured peace with all countries, both near and far.

These qualities of Sultan Qaboos were admired by all nations as an extraordinary achievement which very few individuals have been able to demonstrate in this world.

His affection, benevolence, justice and generosity will always be treasured by all Omanis and residents in this country.

A void has indeed been created by the loss of this great visionary and compassionate ruler.

We, citizens of India at Indian School Sohar, express our profound sorrow and intense grief with all Omanis at our school and share in their mourning at this juncture.

We pray that all the citizens of Oman will overcome their sorrow and move forward to maintain peace, harmony and prosperity and we seek God’s continued blessings for this nation.

In grief,

School Managing Committee, Principal,Teachers, Staff and Students

Indian School Sohar.