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“Every child is an artist” Pablo Picasso

Poster making competition was organized for the classes VI to VIII on the themes “Life and contribution of Dr. B R Ambedkar” and Fundamental Duties as Enshrined in the Constitution of India on 19th August 2020.

With the open-ended topic for the poster making this time, students had to creatively communicate their ideas through composing their painting. Students came up with original ideas and displayed enthusiasm to express themselves.

It was a day where we saw creativity exploding in every piece of art. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to think out of the box. The competition not only served its sole purpose but also gave students a platform to display their vivid ideas and learn more.

This was first virtual poster making competition.

The winners are,

Class VI

First Position - Shreesha S. Naik (VI C)

Second Position - Dhivyashree L (VI D)

Third Position - Sakshi Bokil (VI D)


Class VII

First Position - Sreya K.S (VII A), Namrada Nikesh (VII D) & Ashly Rajesh (VII E)

Second Position - Anugya Mandal (VII E) & Saili Behera (VII F)

Third Position - Vedi Yadav (VII F)


Class VIII

First position - Gauri R Nair (VIII C) & Maria Joe Joshy (VIII D)

Second Position – Shreya (VIII C) & Varkey Jacob (VIII A)

Third Position - Riddhi Somankar (VIII A) & Dhruti Guru Prasad (VIII A)


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