The duties of a teacher are neither few nor small, but they elevate the mind and give energy to the character, said Dorothea Dix. Every year, a day comes, where the students get the opportunity to shower their teachers with gratitude and affection for all their relentless hard work. In order to do this, a special assembly was organized in honour of the teachers on Teacher’s Day, annually celebrated on September 5th. The event started with a prayer song and was followed by a floral tribute and opening address by the Principal, Mrs. Sanchita Verma. She warmly welcomed everyone in her speech and paid her respects to Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan the former President of India, who always considered teaching as a profession with high esteem. She congratulated the teachers for being a ray of hope in these days of crisis and for working individually and collaboratively incorporating innovations. She reminded the teachers, “We still have miles to go before we sleep to see the unseen, to hear the unheard, and to feel the unexpressed with proper understanding”.

The main programme included diverse performances from all age groups, ranging from KG to 12th standard. There were a variety of performances like songs, skit, dance and speeches and there were displays of enthralling magic and art. An entertaining quiz was also held that witnessed great participation from teachers. The winners were Mr. Sudarshan Gupta (First position), Mrs. Vidhya Dhanil (Second position), Brendon Lee (Third position) Mr. Mamtaj Hossain Chowdhury (Fourth position) and Mrs. Latifa Begum (Fifth position).

There was also a heartfelt segment towards the end of the programme which included special messages from the grateful alumni of Indian School Sohar. This segment invoked feelings of nostalgia and warmth among everyone. The virtual programme was charismatically anchored by Aman Saji and Aashna Puri, the School Vice Captains.      

Mrs. Gauri Gadgeel, Supervisor of classes KG to II, proposed the vote of thanks. The event was coordinated by the school council and was headed by the boys’ school captain, Rohan Suchithran and girls’ school captain, Krithyaa Vijayanand. Let us remember with love: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”


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