“Investing in early childhood nutrition is a sure-fire strategy. The returns are incredibly high”

                                                                                                                    - Anne M. Mulcahy


An Anti-Junk Food campaign was organised by Sanjeevani, the Health and Wellness Club of Indian School Sohar on May 16th, 2022 under the guidance of Principal, Mrs. Sanchita Varma with the purpose of inculcating healthy food habits among students.

Volunteers of the club prepared placards highlighting the harmful effects of eating junk food. Volunteers created awareness about the importance of consuming healthy food and maintaining a good health status. They also focused on the risk of the excessive consumption of junk food. The Principal too joined the campaign enthusiastically and emphasized the importance of eating healthy and homemade food to have a healthy lifestyle.

The student community applauded the efforts of the Sanjeevani and congratulated the volunteers. The campaign was successful and enlightening. The Principal appreciated the initiative taken by Sanjeevani.


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