In this digital world, where children are increasingly wired to social media and the internet, the concerns of cyber security, cyber bullying, and cyber hygiene are pertinent.

Children are needed to be well-informed of what steps they can take to keep themselves safe. With this notion, Suraksha – The Safety club of Indian School Sohar has organized an orientation on cyber safety for the classes of VIII to XII on 03.10.2022. The session was conducted by Lieutenant Mr. Khattab bin Hilal Al- Maamari and First agent Mr.  Khamis bin Mubarak Al- Harthy from ROYAL OMAN POLICE.

The children were enlightened about the cybercrime, online blackmailing and cyber ethics during session and the resource person has advised the students to share the cybercrime with their parents & guardian and if needed report to the ROP on the email and phone no. that was shared during the session.

They concluded the session with a note to help them improve the social security in Oman by not getting involved in any online crimes.

Internet is a technology, not a toy and we should harness it carefully. Your safety is in your hands. Stay alert, stay safe!


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