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To motivate the students to be AI developers, the Computer Science Department of Indian School Sohar, organized the AI Competition for Classes VI TO IX & XI on 11th, 12th & 13th of December, 2022 in the field of AI Generic App Development, AI Chatbot & AI Games. The competition was organized for junior category (Class VI – VIII) and senior category (Class IX & XI) an opportunity to exhibit the AI program development skills of the students.

Participants were judged on the basis of originality & creativity, structure & navigation, design & development, presentation and social and commercial impact of the project.

AI Generic App Development on 11th December, 2022

Students demonstrated the various AI apps using computer vision technology and data science.

The various highly secured apps developed by the students were Smart door lock system, Autonomous vehicle, Security camera alerts, Text to audio converter, Educational mobile app for primary students, Automated classroom attendance system using face recognition technique, Cancer detection system & Personal Voice assistant with speech recognition. These were built using Open CV Python, MIT app inventor, Pictoblox and computer vision modules.

Judges for the AI app competition were Mr. Sudarshan Gupta, Ms. Deepa Dinesh, and Mr. Kannan R.

Amidst the tough competition, the participants of Junior & Senior category who bagged the first three positions are:


First Position - Mangalprabhu M and Agnes Emmanuel - VI C

Second Position - Re John Reo and Avaneesh Gupta - VII B & Dakshina Dinesh and Arabhy Maghesh - VII D

Third Position - Abhinav Singh and Aadish Kadam - VI A



First Position - Sarveshwar S and Dishant Desai - XI B

Second Position - Divy Vaghasiya and Jeet Dekivadia - XI B

Third Position - Harinee Senthil and Srinithi Senthil - XI B

AI Chatbot on 12th December, 2022

Students built and integrated their own chatbot for reservation and booking system using Dialog flow , SAP online tools and Python NLTK & Tkinger, Speech recognition modules etc.

Mr. Sudarshan Gupta , Ms. Meenakshi & Mr. Kannan R were the judges. 

The participants of Junior & Senior category who bagged the first three positions are:


First Position - Krishnoor Singh and Ajay Senthil Kumar - VIII B

Second Position - Tejus Surepally and Shreyas Sunil - VIII F

Third Position - Sakshi Bokil and Kakunuri Upeksha - VIII E


First Position - Zachariah John and Elrick Pereira - IX D

Second Position - Rudra Patel and Joel Jose - XI A

Third Position - Sanjana Siram and Evangelin Chellapandi - XI A

AI Games on 13th December, 2022

Students developed AI games Puzzle balls, Military mission, Rock, paper scissors etc. Using Pictoblox, Unity and Py games and demonstrated the games.

Judges for the AI Chatbot competition were Mr. Sudarshan Gupta, Ms. Soumya & Mr. Kannan R.

The participants of Junior & Senior category who bagged the first three positions are: 


First Position - Dhruvin and Jainam - IX E

Second Position - Kavyashree Rupesh and Jemi Sunil - IX D

Third Position - Anirudh Sankaran and Kavin R - XI A


First Position - Mohammed Zayan and Felix Joseph - VI D

Second Position - Gautham K C and Praneil Talwar - VII F

Third Position - S Sambandham and R Kaushik - VIII E, B

AI competitions were coordinated by Ms. Sudha Pitchiah and assisted by Mr. Sudarshan Gupta & Mr. Hidentra Kaushik.

The Principal Ms. Sanchita Verma appreciated the effort of the students ability in project development. 

The Vice Principal Mr. Yashvir Singh & Section Supervisor, Ms. Indira Sukumaran congratulated the winners and appreciated all the participants for their excellent performance.

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