Clay can be moulded into endless forms. Manipulation with clay plays an important role in a child's early childhood education. It is a medium that promotes creativity, develops children's imagination and their fine motor skills and boosts self-confidence.

To enhance these skills in our little ones, the Kindergarten wing of Indian School Sohar conducted  a Clay Competition on 15th January 2023 under the guidance of the section Supervisor Ms. Gauri Gadgeel.

The theme for the competition was “ Fruits and Vegetables" for LKG students and "Animals" for UKG students. 

The little hands worked smoothly and efficiently to fulfill their heart's desires. They pounded, squeezed, rolled, and blended the clay to make unique and amazing creations like watermelon, grapes, pumpkin, cauliflower, panda, giraffe, stunning sea-creatures etc. and displayed it on a paper plate.

This outstanding sensory activity enhanced dexterity, eye-hand coordination and colour recognition skills of our students.

The teachers in-charge of the competition were Ms. Greta D'souza and Ms. Dipti Baliga. 

The section supervisor, Ms Gauri Gadgeel and the judges Ms. Kashifa Anjum, Ms. Sushama Chopde and Ms Sonal Ramiya appreciated the outstanding performance of our tiny tots. 

The winners of the competition are:


First position:      Abhishek M Mahesh (LKG Daisy)

Second position: Sachin Nideesh (LKG Lily)

Third position:     Swathy Krishna M (LKG Rose) & Elash Shamsheer (LKG Rose)



First position:      Hasini Vinod (UKG Marigold)

Second position: Anhitha Rajeesh (UKG Orchid)

Third position:     Darshika Shyamkumar (UKG Daffodil)


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