The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics.

- Paul Halmos

Maths is logical and it should be solved with logical steps. It is important to develop the ability to do Mental Maths in children. This helps them to perform basic arithmetic rules at speed without using pencil or paper. Mental Math enhances child’s ability to concentrate, improves self-confidence, stimulates interest in Maths, reduces mistakes in problem solving and also stimulates both sides of the brain. Practising Mental Math keeps the brain sharp and boosts learning capabilities.

With this objective in mind, Mental Maths Competition was held for classes I and II under the guidance of the Supervisor KG to II, Ms. Gauri Gadgeel. The preliminary round (written) was held for all the sections of classes I and II. The final (oral) round was on 13th and 14th February 2023 for class I and II respectively. Students participated with great enthusiasm and showcased their Mental Math ability by rapidly answering the questions. Section Supervisor Ms. Gauri Gadgeel and the judges appreciated and applauded the performances of the young mathematicians.  

The judges of the competition were Ms. Tintu Praful and Ms. Sushma Chopde.

The winners are

Class I:

First Position – Mohammed Hamza – I F

Second Position – Advait S Kamath – I D

Third Position – Vivaan Panda – I C


Class II:

First Position – Nilesh C N – II F

Second Position – Hetarth Vikrant Shetty – II B

Third Position – Akshith S – II F


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