The Science of today is technology of tomorrow.

National Science Day is celebrated on February 28th to commemorate the path-breaking discovery of Raman Effect, by Nobel laureate legendary physicist Sir C V Raman. Indian School Sohar observed National Science Day on 23rd February 2023 to mark and recognize the contributions of scientists towards the development of the country and to raise awareness on the importance of science. The theme of the year 2023 is ‘Global science for global well-being’ which reflects the nation’s increasing international visibility and significance.

A special assembly was organized in the school by the Science department. The relevance of the day was brought forth by means of a video which highlighted the life and achievements of Sir CV Raman by Kiara Vyas (VB). The incredible advancements made possible by science and technology was presented by Syed Hasan Hadi (VC). Lastly, to involve the students and enhance their knowledge, a quiz on life of Sir CV Raman and on the latest scientific advancement was conducted by Shrijita Pal (VC).

It was indeed a great day where the life of Sir CV Raman will always remain an inspiration for the young minds and thus will inspire towards the technological development and science education of our country.


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