Inter-House Chess Tournament was held on 7th – 8th May 2023. Chess is a game that demands intellect, strategic thinking, and mental fortitude. It is a test of decision-making abilities, adaptability, and patience. Principal Ms. Sanchita Verma inaugurated the tournament, extended best wishes to all the participants and boosted the young Chess players with her motivational words.      

Students participated in under - 14, 17, 19 years boys & girls category.

Under 14  Boys

First Position      -           Deva Karthikeyan (VII C)  -    Blue House

Second Position -           Rishab Rakesh (VII D)     –      Yellow House

Third Place –                  Varun Balakrishnan (VI B) –    Blue House

Under 14 Girls

First Position      -    R. Thamizh Thalavam (VIII F) – Yellow House      

Second Position -     Paviskha H. (VII F) –                  Red House

Third Position –    Akshara S. Wadkar( VIII B) –        Blue House

Under 17/19 Boys

First Position      -           Varun Shabolu (IX D)            -           Red House

Second Position -            Akhilesh Joy (IX C)               -      Red House

Third Place -                Steve Sam George (X B)     -              Blue House

 Under 17/19 Girls

First Position –            Spandana Surepally (XI B) –             Green House

Second Position –         Dhruvi Joshi ( XI B) –                       Red House

Third Place –               Aiswarya Saji ( X C) –                        Red House

Final Positions are as follows:

First Position   :     Red House                       21 Points

Second Position:   Yellow & Blue House      8 Points

Third Position   :    Green House                    6 Points  


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