Indian School Sohar organized an Inter House Cricket Tournament for senior boys and girls on 7th May 2023. The players from three houses, Blue, Green, and Red participated with enthusiasm; including a girl from each house not only to promote gender inclusivity but also to encourage equal participation and provide a balanced playing field for everyone.

The cricketing skills exhibited by the students were impressive, with the players displaying precision in their bowling, batting, and fielding. The matches were intense, with each house competing fiercely to secure victory. The players showcased their agility, coordination, and teamwork, which were critical in securing a win. The tournament was a display of the students' passion for cricket and their love for the game.

In the final match, Green House emerged as the champions by defeating Red House. Congratulations to the Green House team for their victory!

Such events contribute significantly to the overall development of students, fostering a spirit of healthy competition, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


First Position – Green House – 14 Points

Second Position – Red House – 10 Points

Third Position – Blue House – 8 Points                                   


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