In educational settings, the safety of students and staff is of paramount importance. Recognizing the need for preparedness in the event of a fire emergency, the school collaborated with the Royal Oman Police (Civil Defense and Ambulance) to provide training to members of the safety club in firefighting techniques on 29th May 2023.  Trainers were Mr. Nasser Tamim Nasser Al Karosui and Mr. Mustafa Ibrahim Talib Atajmi.

 The training provided by the ROP focussed on the hands-on use of fire extinguishers and the types of extinguishers in the school. The training aimed at

  • Educating   school staff about basic firefighting principles and techniques.

  • Equipping staff members with the knowledge and skills required to assess fire situations and respond effectively.

  • Training staff members in the proper selection and use of fire extinguishers for firefighting within the school premises.

Staff members were educated about the nature of fire, its spread, and different types of fires that may occur within a school environment. Firefighting Training covered the various types of fire extinguishers commonly found in schools, including water, foam, carbon dioxide (CO2), dry powder, and wet chemical extinguishers. Staff members learnt about their classification and appropriate applications for different fire classes. 

Safety wardens received hands-on demonstrations of different fire extinguishers used in schools. Instructors explained their specific applications, limitations, and the proper techniques for handling and operating each type.

Safety club members participated in realistic fire scenarios, where they practiced using fire extinguishers to suppress controlled fires. These exercises simulated real-life conditions within a school environment and enhanced staff members' ability to assess and respond confidently to fire incidents.

Proper handling techniques, such as aiming at the base of the fire, using the PASS (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep) technique, and maintaining a safe distance, were emphasized during training.

Trained school staff members can provide immediate assistance during fire incidents, taking necessary steps to minimize damage and protect the lives of students and other staff members. The school is immensely grateful to the ROP for this help and support.


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