Show and Tell is a fun way to help children build communication skills and confidence. It is a stepping stone to the art of public speaking.

Keeping this in mind, Indian School Sohar organized a Show and Tell Competition for the students of UKG on 25th May 2023. In this competition, children explained the characteristics and details of the object they had in their hand.

Students were given the topic ‘My Favourite Toy’ or ‘My Favourite Cartoon Character’. They were excited to share their descriptive narration and waited eagerly for their turn to show and talk about their favourite toys such as doll, remote car, aeroplane, robot, etc and favourite cartoon characters like Tom  and Jerry, Elsa, Dora, etc. The joyful presentation by the budding talents was applauded and praised by the judges.

The judges were Ms. Saima Ahmad, Ms. Nazneen Khan and Ms. Santy Manesh.

The winners are:

First Position      – Leora Ann Lipin    – UKG Marigold

Second Position  – Mohammad Aarib  – UKG Orchid

Third Position     – Sai Advik Santosh  – UKG Daffodil


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